Advantage Testing Foundation

Supporting academic and professional ambitions through innovative programs and partnerships


The Advantage Testing Foundation seeks to advance the aspirations of students of every socioeconomic background by expanding their educational opportunities.  Our guiding principles are innovation and efficiency. By forging partnerships with preeminent universities and like-minded public service organizations, we seek to pool the outstanding academic resources already available in this nation and help direct them to where they are needed most.

The AT Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 public charity.   We rely upon public support and in-kind contributions from institutions of higher learning.  In addition, we benefit from the resources of Advantage Testing, a private tutorial service dedicated to academic rigor, long-term educational development, and the proposition that tests are powerful vehicles for learning. 

Our guiding principles are innovation and efficiency. The AT Foundation seeks to create models for educational services that are not only sustainable but also reproducible.