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Elena Kagan

Elena Elena

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan served as Vice President of the Advantage Testing Foundation's original Board of Trustees, a position she resigned upon her nomination for Solicitor General by President Barack Obama in 2009. Prior to her nomination, she was the Dean of Harvard Law School and the Charles Hamilton Houston Professor of Law at Harvard University. From 1995 to 1999, Dean Kagan served as Associate Counsel to President Bill Clinton. In addition to her service as a Trustee of the Foundation, Dean Kagan was a Founding Partner of the Trials law school preparation program. Her invaluable contributions in shaping that program will continue to benefit outstanding scholars of underrepresented backgrounds for many years to come.

Arun Alagappan, President
Martha Minow, Vice President
John E. Sexton, Vice President
J. Tomilson Hill, Treasurer