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Math Prize for Girls

The Advantage Testing Foundation Math Prize for Girls is an annual nationwide math competition created to:

  • promote gender equality in mathematics by recognizing talented, high-performing female students, and
  • underscore the importance of mathematics to our nation's future.

The American Mathematical Society recently reported that many young American women with exceptional potential in mathematics never enter the field, often because they are never identified or encouraged.  Although math competitions in the United States are generally diverse undertakings, drawing students from myriad ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, they remain dominated by male students.

Our Math Prize winners are selected on the basis of their performance on a timed 20-problem exam administered once annually.  The exam is challenging, but its content does not stray beyond the standard high school curriculum.  There is no calculus on the test.

Winners are announced on the day of the competition.  Prizes include:

First Prize: $25,000
Second Prize: $10,000
Third Prize: $5,000
Fourth Prize: $2,000
Fifth - Tenth Prize: $1,000 each

Following the exam, participants and their families are invited to attend an awards ceremony during which they hear from leading academics and mathematicians.

Young women in grades 9 through 11 are eligible to participate.

For more information, please visit the Math Prize for Girls official website.

Advisory Board

The AT Foundation Math Prize presents a unique opportunity to reward talented young women of all backgrounds for their skills in mathematical analysis, creativity, and problem solving.