LEDA Scholars admitted to leading universities

March 27, 2018

The Washington Post
"Fourteen of 15 into Stanford early: Eye-popping admission stats for low-income advising program"
by Nick Anderson

Stanford University is the most selective in the country for undergraduate admissions, drawing more than 40,000 applicants a year and turning away 19 for every one it accepts.

But a select cadre of high school seniors is getting into the private university in Silicon Valley at a much higher rate. They are scholars in a nonprofit advising program called Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America, which helps students from low-income families apply to college. Fifteen of them applied to Stanford last fall for early admission to the class entering in 2018. In December, the program reports, 14 got in.

That works out to an early admission rate of 93 percent.

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LEDA Scholars admitted to leading universities