The Advantage Testing Foundation provides financial support and pro bono SAT and ACT tutoring to Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America.

The LEDA Scholars program includes four components that cover a six-year trajectory: Recruitment and Admissions, the Leadership Summer Institute, College Guidance, and College Success. In this way, the program prepares exceptional public high school students of modest means from areas across the country for acceptance to and success at the nation's leading colleges and universities. Scholars enter the program as high school juniors and spend the following summer at the seven-week Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute on the Princeton University campus.

LEDA is now represented at every Ivy League school and at virtually all other leading colleges and universities. 69% of LEDA Cohort 16 was admitted to at least one Ivy League school, MIT, or Stanford University in 2021. Additionally, 98% of Cohort 16 was admitted to at least one school labeled “Most Competitive” by Barron’s.

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